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Travel Insurance is a Must!

This story outlines why you should buy travel insurance. I always offer it to my clients, but about 60% will buy it and the other 40% will decline it.

This is how I'd decide to purchase travel insurance or not:

  1. I'd take a look at the total cost of my vacation and ask myself; can I afford to lose this amount of money?

  2. If there is a medical emergency for me, my traveling companion(s) or even family back home, will my insurance cover it or am I looking at out-of-pocket costs?

  3. I have a preexisting medical condition. Will I be able to afford to return to the US to get treatment? How will I pay for that if my insurance doesn't cover it?

Many credit cards (especially those that have travel perks), may say they include travel insurance but make sure you know exactly what they do and don't cover. Don't trust that they'll cover everything that travel insurance does.

I believe that travel insurance is a must. When deciding for yourself, make sure to make an informed decision.

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